Food For Thought: 411 on Multivitamins

Even if you’re eating properly, and keeping up with a well-rounded and nutrition-filled diet, there’s still a chance you’re not getting all the nutrients your body really needs. Sure, you’d get a satisfactory amount, but do you really want your body to settle for simply satisfactory or would you rather choose great? It’s not much of a question is it?

HF – What’s the Deal with D?

Healthy Foods What’s the Deal with D? by Leanne Ely, CNC There has been a lot of hype in the news lately about vitamin D deficiencies. Because our lifestyles keep us out of the sun most of the time (remember, our primary source of vitamin D is the sun) and when we are in the […]

True Health Insurance

Did you know that: * 1/3 of our children are deficient in iron * Over 90% are deficient in magnesium * One in 6 kids lack enough vitamin A * Almost 1/2 are seriously deficient in vitamin C * Almost 1/2 lack enough zinc * One in 5 are deficient in folate * One in […]