Vacation Eating – Don’t Send Your Healthy Habits Packing

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Vacation Eating – Don’t Send Your Healthy Habits Packing

by Leanne Ely, CNC


Summer is quickly rounding around the corner–the kids will be out of school, sunglasses permanently attached to our faces, lots of sunscreen, and most likely a vacation!

Vacation has to be one of our favorite words. A break from your life to take time to relax, and let go. And though vacation is a time where food exceptions are allowed, we don’t want to let go of everything! We’ve all worked too hard to instill healthy habits into our children. right? Letting it all go when vacation comes will set you back and perhaps give you a souvenir you don’t want–a few extra pounds when you get home.

So how do you go on vacation keeping your budget and healthy habits intact? Here are some tips to get you through–

1) Eat Fresh. Preferably local food whenever you can. If you’re going to a  beach of some sort, take advantage of their  locally caught seafood! You can find some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants with  delicious fresh food along the coast. Not only will that dinner be  finger-licking-good, but seafood is incredibly good for you, most of it full of omega-3  fatty acids.

2) Keep hydrated. It’s easy to drink a lot when you’re hot and thirsty, but you need to make sure your first go-to drink is good old, H20, lots and lots of water. Ridding yourself and your family of the soda habit will not only save you a bunch of cash, but it will keep your healthy lifestyle habits in place and keep everyone hydrated as well. Don’t forget, water is F*R*E*E!

3) Snack Pack. You’re going to want to pack the road snacks before you go. If you have a long trip in the car, don’t wait until you pull up to a gas station to buy something neon-colored and full of mysterious ingredients you can’t pronounce – just get the snacks pre-road! You’ll have a lot more options to choose from with much more nutritious additions than the
stale chemical packed gas station offerings. Don’t forget to pack the cooler too!

Well, that’s it! My two cents – I told you it would be painless. Have a great trip!

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