Adios, soy sauce! Hola, Coconut Aminos!

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Healthy Foods
Adios, soy sauce! Hola, Coconut Aminos!

By: Leanne Ely

If you’re trying to live a gluten-free lifestyle, no doubt, you’re missing a lot of your favorite foods, including foods that don’t seem like they should contain wheat. Foods like soy sauce.
Even if you’re not trying to eat gluten-free, primal or grain free, you should be trying to cut out soy from your diet. In case you don’t know why soy should be a forbidden food, you can go ahead and read this article I wrote about the evils of soy.
Now, before you go getting upset with me for ruining one of your favorite condiments on you, don’t worry. You can still make your stir-fries and enjoy your sushi without missing the taste of your beloved soy sauce. How? It’s coconut to the rescue!
Coconut Aminos, that is. Made from sea salt and the sap from coconut palms, this stuff is packaged just like soy sauce and it looks just like soy sauce but it’s vegan, soy-free, GMO-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and grain-free. Oh and it tastes almost exactly like soy sauce (but without all the evil). It’s made from coconut and it is chock full of amino acids (there are seventeen of them in there), minerals and vitamins. Oh, it’s also delicious.
So what’s the nutritional value of this stuff?
Well all of those amino acids can collectively help to promote prostate health, brain function and digestion, and aids in hormone regulation, stress prevention, cardiovascular health and even tissue repair.
Go ahead and ditch the soy, there’s a better option out there. The only problem is that it’s not very easy to find Coconut Aminos. Do check around the health food store next time you’re there, and you can also buy it online.
Have you had to give up one of your favorite foods for dietary reasons? What do you miss most?

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  1. I’d love to read the article on the evils of soy, but the link on this page doesn’t seem to be working. It is just taking me to the Facebook page. Thanks!!

  2. Leanne, when you make claims such as “soy is evil” it would be nice to see citations of your sources for this information. I did a very brief Google search and found multiple articles – with citations – refuting most of your claims about soy. I realize that different people draw different conclusions and there is a lot of scientific data out there, but it is difficult to assess and evaluate evidence when sources are not cited. I have a niece whose parents are vegans. She mostly lives on soy “chicken” nuggets, soy milk and other processed soy foods. I am concerned that she may be nutritionally compromised, but telling her parents “It’s bad because Leanne says so” is not going to make a dent. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. i switched to coconut aminos about two years ago and I’m glad I did. After I eliminated all soy and MSG from my diet my fibromyalgia pain lessened greatly. It’s hard to completely eliminate those items because they hide in so many unsuspecting places, even in such things as maltodextrin and natural flavorings. I now eat simple, real foods, many of which I grow myself, and I feel so much better. Soy does not seem to bother my husband at all, but it is definitely a no-no food for me.

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