Food For Thought: How to avoid the Freshmen 15

Many of us have been there. You go from being an active teenager who can eat anything and not gain a pound to a student at the end of your freshman year who can’t fit into half the clothes in your closet. Nobody wants that! Not only because we like to look and feel our […]

Food For Thought: The deal with evaporated cane juice

If you spend time reading labels in health food stores, you may have noticed evaporated cane juice listed on the label of most of the packaged food items you find there. But that doesn’t mean those products are healthy. I was recently asked how I feel about evaporated cane juice. In case you were wondering […]

Food For Thought: Never too late to take folate

If you’ve had a baby or are thinking of having a baby, folic acid (also known as folate) has most likely been on your radar screen at some point. But this nutrient should be on everyone’s plate, even those of us without babies on the brain! Folic acid is the synthetic form of folate-a naturally […]

Food For Thought: Can the canned cooking spray

If you were to sit back and really look at it, spraying a cloud of oil out of a can and onto your food doesn’t paint a terribly healthy picture, does it? I mean, it’s the same delivery vehicle as WD-40 or hair spray. And to be honest, aerosol cooking spray isn’t a whole lot […]

Food For Thought: Operation Back-to-School Lunchbox Readiness

Back To School Lunch, Luchbox safety, School Lunches

I know I’m going to get a dirty look or two from y’all for bringing this up, but it really isn’t too soon to start thinking about getting the kids ready to go back to school. With two children of my own, I am fully aware of how expensive it can be to do all […]

Food For Thought: The Magic of Oil of Oregano

Oil of Oregano really is nature’s antibiotic. This special oil is harvested from the leaves and flowers of the wild oregano plant when its oil content is at its highest. A member of the mint family, the wild oregano plant grows in the faraway mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. This potent oil kills fungus, yeast, […]

Food For Thought: Table Talk

Dear Friends, You’ve done the shopping, the chopping, the cooking, the serving, and assembled the whole family around the dinner table for a nice meal together. Now what? Sometimes getting good conversations started can be tougher than an overcooked steak (especially with teenagers). With hectic schedules, electronic devices, jobs, school, church, and other extracurricular activities […]

Food For Thought: Are Your Pots Too Big?

Dear Friends, Ever heard of the term “too much”? When it comes to buying food and keeping food in your pantry, fridge, and freezer, we have a tendency to become somewhat pack rattish. What we need to do is refocus and look at our needs, not our peculiar desire to shove food into every nook […]

Food For Thought: You Have a Choice

Dear Friends, In the everyday scheme of things, your quality of life is dependent on the choices you make. Really understanding the muscle of your own choices is totally empowering and has the capacity for realigning your life direction. Knowing who is in control and realizing that you don’t have to take your marching orders […]