Food For Thought: You Have a Choice

Dear Friends,
In the everyday scheme of things, your quality of life is dependent on the choices you make. Really understanding the muscle of your own choices is totally empowering and has the capacity for realigning your life direction. Knowing who is in control and realizing that you don’t have to take your marching orders from a bag of M & M’s or a two-year-old can be revolutionary. Let me explain.
We are almost trained by this culture to take on the mantle of victim. A famous lawsuit over spilled hot coffee from a fast food establishment is a good example. Rather than take responsibility for the fact that the coffee was hot (as coffee should be), this individual blamed the company for not providing a warning and consequently, this individual won a substantial lawsuit and profited off this phenomenon of “victimization”.
That’s a rather dramatic example, but we place ourselves in the victim role every day. I am going to bet somewhat unaware of it, too. The examples I used in the first paragraph are good ones. Did you know that no matter what, a bag of M & M’s will never hug you, never say an encouraging word to you, and can never love you like a real live human can?
Did you also know that 2-year-old children don’t have the brain skills yet for abstract thinking? Therefore, their attempts at absolute tyranny are (or should be!) ineffective and leave YOU in charge. You don’t have to be pushed around anymore by the whim of a 2-year-old if you decide you’re ready to be the boss (that doesn’t mean you have to be unpleasant; just FIRM. Smile when you say no or redirect your little one!).
You have control over what goes in your child’s cereal bowl every morning, too. You’re the one buying the groceries; you’re the one who should decide which cereal you’ll spend your hard-earned money on. Which is a better nutritional investment for your child– artificially flavored and colored sugary, tooth-decaying fake food or a lesser-known brand of whole grain cereal without added sugars, artificial sweeteners, colorings, etc.?
Food is fuel for the human vehicle. The better the quality of the fuel, the better we feel and the more we enjoy our lives. Our bodies house our souls and it’s the only “soul vehicles” we will ever be given. Treat yourself better than you do your car. That vehicle can be replaced—you cannot.
Leanne Ely
Your Dinner Diva since 2001

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  1. If you review that law suit the coffie was so hot he has third degree burns and required hospitalization much hotter then McDonald’s policy allows spilled coffie shoukd not be hot enough to do that and it seems fair they cover his medical bills . This law shit gets alot of press with out these details

  2. We apologize for the McDonalds comment and retract that statement. Thank you for your comments. The comments are now closed.

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