Cooking is the Answer

Cooking is the answer – do you know the question?

There’s nothing like a pandemic to get your appetite going! 

Am I right? Let’s just say the sourdough starter/bread-making/pizza phase didn’t last too long at my house and I’m just going to give a shoutout to my inner Wise Woman for telling me to shut that business DOWN! But cooking? I’ve done a lot of that and more of it than ever. 

And it beckons the whole question and the whole problem if you will, about cooking. 

Cooking is a mandatory life skill, like it or not, that we all have to learn. I’ve been known to compare it to toilet cleaning when speaking to someone on my weekly Q & A shows on Facebook about their dislike about cooking—even if you don’t like it, it’s something that you need to know how to do if you care about being healthy.

Listen, you could eat all your food out. But if you did that, you would never, ever, EVER have control over your food. You wouldn’t be able to control the type of fat it was cooked in, the amount or type of salt that was put on it, or if there were any other undesirables added like MSG, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, etc. 

Even if you voice your concerns to your server, speak personally to the cook himself, or direct your pleas to the restaurant manager. Ultimately, the control of what goes in your food goes right to the cook and not you. Cooking gives you control. It gives you the power to choose and best of all, it gives you options!

When you cook you have the option to CHOOSE—do you get that? 

What would you think if you drove up to a drive-thru and the gal at the window said,  do you want salt with that? Or do you want fat with that? Do you want chemicals with that? Or how about, do you want bugs, dirt or filth with that? Yep, when you’re dealing with a kitchen you can’t see, you don’t know what the conditions are or what the heck is really going into your food.

When you cook in your own home, you never have to worry about any of that because you choose your own raw food, you bring it home, you cook it in your kitchen and you eat it. It’s a simple thing, something we’ve collectively been doing since the dawn of time; hunting for food, bringing it home, cooking it, and eating it.

This week as you contemplate your week, I invite you to add the food you eat into the equation. 

Plan your food. Seriously. 

Don’t just eat haphazardly anywhere just to fill the void in your stomach. Plan what you will eat, when you will shop and then gather your family together and enjoy their company. These simple things could revolutionize your family life and change the course of your health.

And to help you with that all-important task of planning your food and meals I created Dinner Answers! Go to Saving Dinner today to claim your free week of menus!

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