Did you know gelatin is good for you?

By: Leanne Ely


You know those jellied salads your mother and grandmothers used to put on the potluck table? As it turns out, the gelatin that makes those molded salads stand up like they do is extremely healthy for us. Well, without all the sugar that Great Aunt Martha used to add in there of course!

Gelatin is an animal protein—a form of collagen—that comes from the bones and marrow of cows. If you’ve ever cooked up a pot of bone broth, you know the way it gels in the refrigerator—that’s the gelatin that was released from those great bones.

Gelatin is absolutely packed with nutrition. Containing essential amino acids, gelatin is an excellent source of protein. It’s great for joints, it will heal your gut, it’ll make your hair shiny and your skin smooth, and it will tighten up that loose skin on your belly.

Gelatin naturally binds with water to help food and mucus pass easily through your digestive tract. Rumor has it that gelatin can even help reduce cellulite!

It’s easy to add gelatin into your diet. You can mix it with broth to make a gorgeous gravy. Put it into your daily smoothies, or add to your juices, dips, and desserts.

To get the most out of your gelatin, try to purchase unflavored gelatin from grass-fed animals. You can find this easily on the Internet.

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