Get ‘Em Out the Door: Quick and Easy Breakfasts

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Get ‘Em Out the Door: Quick and Easy Breakfasts

by Leanne Ely, CNC

When you’re trying to usher your kids out the door to get to school on time it’s often hard to squeeze in an adequate breakfast. Or maybe you’re not a parent but you struggle just as much with finding the time for a good breakfast before you run out the door for work. Breakfast is the meal that is most often skipped because of those reasons, or if you’re like me, you only focus on getting coffee in your system instead of something that’s actually substantial. Neither of these excuses are good enough to pardon missing breakfast.

This is an extremely important meal because it kick-starts your metabolism for the rest of the day. Sure, your metabolism will start up whenever you eventually do eat, but it’ll be slowed down because your body is meant to be able to rev up in the morning. However, don’t desperately pull through a drive-thru just to get food in your system because it’s fast and easy. Even though it’s hard to find time to eat in the morning, don’t opt for a quick drive thru, that’s not going to help your body at all. There are plenty of quick and easy options are also healthy and fast.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a smoothie – full of berries with antioxidants, and protein powder, with the occasional addition of diary. That gives a well rounded and extremely filling breakfast. Still can’t swing the 3 minutes it would take to prep the smoothie? No problem. Make your own parfait! You can even do it the night before. Take a cup and layer it with organic yogurt, berries, and granola, delicious and fiber-full! Are you really in hurry to get out the door, you can make a breakfast that easy to consume even when manning a steering wheel. Whole grain toaster waffles with almond-butter spread on top. Binding your carb and protein and boosting your energy and metabolism!

All of these options are suitable for you and your children and incidentally, can easily be made gluten free. All options being quick, quicker, and quickest. I promise that you’ll notice a difference in energy when these are your go to breakfasts, scouts honor!

What is your favorite go-to breakfast during the school year?

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  1. Our favorite school-morning breakfasts are: (1) Microwave Old Fashioned Oatmeal – place 1c. water in a” deep”  (2-3 cups) microwave safe bowl–it will boil over if not deep enough–Stir 1/3c. Old Fashioned (not instant) Oatmeal into the water. Add some dried fruit and/or nuts, if desired. Microwave on high for 60-90 seconds. Watch it to see if it starts to foam-up and boil over.When cooked,  stir in a little brown sugar or honey and some cold milk. The milk brings it back to “eating” temperature, so you can eat it right away. We have this 2X week, on Mon & Thu.

    (2) Scrambled Egg Sandwich. Scramble 1-2 eggs in a small fry pan sprayed with cooking spray. Keep stirring the cooked egg from the bottom of the pan, until eggs are cooked– no longer shiny and runny. Put eggs between 2 slices of whole wheat bread spread with a little Ranch Dressing. Pour a glass of cold milk and a piece of fruit. We have this 2X week on Tue & Fri.

    And (3) Cold cereal (Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat) with sliced banana. We have this 1X week on Wed.  All of these breakfasts take less than 5 minutes to prepare.  I think having a “routine” and not having to think about it every morning is what makes it easy. 

    1. That sounds great. I know the kids would like to know what to expect. I have always worried that they would become picky if I didn’t offer a variety. But at this point let’s just make it simple.

  2. I do smoothies with protein powder and flax during the spring/summer and oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit during the fall/winter. 

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