Farmers Market 101

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Farmers Market 101

by Leanne Ely, CNC


If you’ve never experienced the summer and fall privilege of a farmer’s market, you’re missing out, Big Time. Here are some reasons you need to get yourself there–

1. Better Flavor and Better for You. The produce you can find at farmer’s markets have incredible flavor and nutritional benefits because they were harvested locally either that day or the day before. Everything you enjoy is fresh and came directly from the farm and into your hands instead of being shipped, gassed and refrigerated for the long journey to the grocery store. You’ll quickly realize that you can’t help but snatch up all the fruits and veggies you see and the delicious consequence is you’ll eat more of them! You can typically find a lot of homemade breads, jams, local honey and other great stuff, too.

2. Shop Local and Know Your Farmer. I have talked about shopping locally before and I always say the same thing: do it! The food you can get at the farmer’s market isn’t just great because it’s fresh, but it’s economically better for you and your community! Instead of paying for produce in a grocery store and by doing so paying all the expenses necessary to get those veggies produced and shipped, you’re paying the farmer directly and keeping the money in your local economy. Also, you get to meet the farmer. Ask him about his crop and you’ll probably learn that some of the farmers even do winter options. Stay local and stay personal!

3. Frankly, it’s just fun! I love going as many weekends as I possibly can, and when my kids were younger they loved going to! Trust me, it can become a great family tradition. Depending on your town, there is often local entertainment. Often times local musicians will set up and perform–free entertainment!

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