Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

by Leanne Ely, CNC

One of summer’s many joys is that it brings to the table this huge variety of adventures and activities. Family vacations, occasional get-aways with your friends, and even a sizable chunk of sports you only grace with your athletic ability during this one season of the year. If you’re one of those people that adopts a more athletic and adventurous persona for these few warmer months of the year, then you may not be getting adequate hydration you and your family need.

It isn’t just important because of the increase in physical activity but also because of the hotter climate. I’m a former California girl living in the South and the humidity never fails to catch me off guard every single summer! I’ll naturally include more water in my life because I feel like a dry sponge every time I put my foot outside – no longer protected by my summer armor (my friend the air conditioning).

Now the big question: is there anything you can drink besides water? I think I’ve given you enough of a lecture on sodas, correct? Obviously, nothing can ever replace water. You need water primarily which means you need to make it a priority and a habit.

Here’s where I will bend my rules just a bit and tell you that not all sports drinks are bad. Some actually replace the salts you lose when you’re sweating which is good for activities that go beyond the hour mark.

Just remember, even though sports drinks do have some perks, nothing will keep you hydrated or quench your thirst like water will! Stay away from the artificially flavored and colored varieties–Knudsen Recharge sports drink is a good choice, as is coconut water (there are a variety of different brands available).

Keep your water bottle filled and stay hydrated!

Do you think the 8 glasses of water a day is a myth or a fact? Discuss!

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