FFT- Quality vs. Quantity

Food For Thought

Quality vs. Quantity

by Leanne Ely, C.N.C

Less is more, especially when it comes to the foods you eat. The better the quality of food, the less food you need to feel full and satisfied. When your food is rich in nutrients your body gets what it needs and your brain will send signals that you can stop eating. Isn’t the human body amazing? Here are a few examples:

Eat Fresh
Freshly prepared food skips the middle man. You know the middle man–he’s the guy that fills up those cans and packages with preservatives, sodium, and sugar to make everything taste good. When you prepare you meals from scratch, you eliminate all of that.

Go for Organic
It’s true that organic foods cost more but the good news is that you can buy less so the cost balances out. Organic food simply tastes better. Find out for yourself. Do a taste test in your home with some basic foods like carrots, tomatoes, and oranges. I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at the difference. Not only does it taste better, but studies have shown they typically have higher nutrient counts as well.

Natural or Whole Foods
The closer a food is to its natural state, the better it is going to taste and the better it will be for you. Foods that are processed for long shelf life or transport loose nutrition and are usually harvested before they are ripe which also limits their nutritional value.

Our bodies need water and a lot of it. But if you’re filling your tummy with water that is full of chemicals, toxins, sodium, fluoride, chlorine, or the countless other additives they seem to think water needs, you’re defeating the purpose. Drink a lot of water but drink good spring or filtered water (save money and buy a filter!). Leave the chlorine in the swimming pool.

By taking a full account of the foods you eat you can save time and money. Remember, you are investing in your health each time you fill up your grocery cart. Count the cost of convenience verses the cost of nutrition when selecting your produce and meats–then make a good choice!

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