Healthy Foods: Great Reader Tips!

I have a big email bag full of great tips that won’t all make it to the Hip Tip section because there are only 52 weeks a year, LOL! So I’ve selected some really great ones and have them here for your perusal:
*Hi. I operate a home day care, and so have to be creative about getting kids to eat. One line that always works is, “If it kills you, I PROMISE I’ll never give it to you again!” They don’t get the joke, taking me totally seriously, and usually they eat what they’ve been served, and next time it’s not so hard to get them to eat it. And…I can say… you ate it before and it didn’t do you any harm, but if it kills you I PROMISE I’ll never give it to you again. Soon there is no argument.
Another line that works for me: “Are you not eating the broccoli (or whatever) JUST BECAUSE IT’S GREEN!!?? Pretend it’s purple.” Often works (for kids that know their colors). Add on, said seriously and making loving eye contact with the child: or “How would you like it if people didn’t like you just because your eyes are blue/your shirt is yellow, etc.? The broccoli can’t help that it’s green!”
~Emily from Ontario Canada
*Hi Leanne, I have discovered Soy Milk, at the health food store, for my smoothies. Chocolate Soy Milk, half a bag of frozen, say, raspberries, a scoop of protein powder, and a couple of bananas, and I am good to go.
~Bird from Hawaii
*I love hot oatmeal every day but I don’t always have time to make it, so I make a double batch of Old Fashioned oats according to the directions on the box (with raisins added at the beginning so they plump up and get soft). When the oatmeal is finished cooking, I add chopped walnuts, pecans, almonds, and nutmeg and store it in the fridge. Since I can’t eat a whole serving at once, this double batch lasts me 4-5 days. I just scoop out what I can eat each morning, warm it with a little soy milk in the microwave (45 seconds), and it’s ready to eat!
*To reduce the amount of sugar in my children’s breakfast cereal I mix a small box of a sugary brand with a large box of its healthier counterpart. For example, mix sugared corn flakes with a big box of plain corn flakes. My children don’t feel “deprived” of taste and we are a little healthier.
~Lisa from Tennessee

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  1. I live in a third world country. So when I do my weekly shopping I come home and soak my veggies, including lettuce. After soaking my I lettuce drop it into a clean pillow case or bread cloth, take it outside and spin it. Then I store it in a plastic bag with a paper towel. It keeps fresh all week. Works great and takes less space in my small kitchen.

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