With Heartfelt Thanksgiving

Dear Friends,

For the past 12 years, our mission has been to get families back to the dinner table one meal at a time.

We are pleased to report that thousands of families have taken on our mission as their own and brought their dinner tables back from the bookbags and junk mail and into the realm for which it was created; sitting down to a good healthy dinner as a family.

We’ve received thousands of testimonials and thank yous from these families, but now we want to turn the tables a bit (so to speak, LOL) and say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Your inspiration has been amazing, your support has been unbelievable. We continue to be blessed daily by all of you and for that I thank you.

To show our appreciation to you, we would like to treat you to our Pleasing Pumpkin Menu!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

Leanne and the entire Saving Dinner crew

2 Responses

  1. I’m really getting disappointed with sites that only offer things, whether contests or premiums, to those who have Facebook. I will not sign up for Facebook and I feel discriminated against. In fact I’m thinking I should unsub from sites that do this, at least I wouldn’t feel bad when I can’t participate, I wouldn’t know about it.
    Sad face!

  2. Leanne,
    Thanks for the Thanksgiving menu and timeline you sent with the FlyLady. I am 45 and have hosted Thanksgiving for years now, but I still get flustered worrying I am going to forget something and get nervous about making the gravy. Thanks to you I had the best Thanksgiving yet! My turkey was so moist, dressing so flavorful and gravy so delicious. It all went so smoothly. I also thank you for totally changing my eating habits this year. I used to be a “guilty” mass carb and sugar consumer. I now follow my own version of Paleo eating ( modified a bit to include dairy and allow rice) and can’t thank you enough. I no longer binge on cookies and candy and have found a n love of vegetables. God bless you guys and all the work you do. I love all the emails you send out introducing us/ better educating us on foods. I now love cooking!!!!!!

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