Impatience in the Kitchen

Impatience is the kitchen is a true meal killer. It is the reason the chicken burns on the outside but is raw on the inside, the broccoli is overcooked and the table isn’t properly set. We’re an impatient lot and we want it NOW. I like to say we have a microwave mentality. We do—with everything, food included!

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If I say the words Hot Pocket (and you live in America), you immediately know what I’m talking about—a microwave sandwich thingie that you buy in the frozen section of the grocery store. This is a classic example of food acting as filler and not nutrition. Eating food like this is kind of like putting putty in a hole in the wall. Filling holes works for wall dings and the like, but it doesn’t work for people. People need food that is nutrient rich so their bodies will function well for many years and they will feel good. The diseases and chronic conditions associated with growing older can be staved off with proper nutrition, not to mention the aches and pains, too. Stuff like Hot Pockets and their kin will not do your body any favors whatsoever and as a matter of fact, this is a great example of negative nutrition—eating like this takes health AWAY from your body. The weird paradox is these things sell like hotcakes or Hot Pockets as the case may be…

You want to know why? We already know it’s not because they’re nutritious. It’s because they’re FAST. They’re easy—they’re already done for us. All we have to do is nuke them for the appropriate amount of time and we have what we think is a good lunch or snack.

Listen, I can’t tell you what’s in these things. I looked on their website, but there is nothing that lists the ingredients. My opinion is if this was something they wanted to brag about, it’d be there front and center on their website. And though I can’t tell you what’s in one (nor have I ever eaten one) I will bet, like any other processed food, there’s a few sundry and daunting chemicals in there. It’s just part and parcel of the whole instant food deal.

Impatience in the kitchen equals a disaster in the nutrition department, for the most part. You can minimize your nutritional loss by making sure you have some grab-able and easy snacks on hand like fruit, cut up veggies, ready to go salads, string cheeses, yogurts, nuts to name a few.

Rethink your impatience in the kitchen and start to be a little more prepared so that when you’re hungry and tempted to pull something from the freezer to zap, you begin to think instead of how to feed your body and your soul. You ALWAYS deserve the very best. Even if it’s just a little snack!

What’s for dinner? We’ve ALWAYS got the answer!

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  1. You CAN get nutrition from “Hot Pockets” IF you MAKE them yourself. It takes time in the beginning but the rewards are great. I take bread dough and fill squares of it with beef, broccoli and home made gravy or pepperoni, cheese and home made spaghetti sauce or ham and cheese and home made white sauce or stir fry rice, sauce, and veggies. The possibilities are endless and delicious. Then just wet the edges, pinch to hold and freeze. When you want a snack or easy meal just put one or two in the oven or toaster oven and heat.

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