The Importance of Setting a Nice Table

Setting a nice table is often overlooked but its importance should not be minimized. Having a nice table setting affects your enjoyment of the meal which can even affect how well you digest your food. After putting in the effort involved in thoughtful menu planning and healthy cooking, don’t tarnish the meal by having a disorganized presentation or worse, eating in the living room, or in front of computers and televisions.

This is a time where you can either go it alone, or you can call in the children and husband to help with the table setting. This means silverware positioned properly around the plate and matching or complementary glasses and everything in its place.  Not only will this make dinner more enjoyable and relaxing, but it will also teach your children manners and the proper way to do things in a civilized society. Believe it or not, being able to eat politely and practice good conversational skills is something your children need to learn as eating dinner with an employer or even on a job interview could be in their future.

Little touches can really add to the mood of the meal. A nice centerpiece can add to the atmosphere. You can choose something that matches the room or go with a theme that is appropriate for the season. This shows your family that you care about making mealtime special for them. Children can help out by making centerpieces during craft time. Sometimes it’s the smallest touches that work quietly to make a big difference in overall mood.

Sitting down to eat a meal calmly is very important for digestion. It’s not healthy to bounce up and down from the table to grab forgotten spoons or napkins. Try to anticipate the needs of your diners as well as the meal itself by setting out appropriate utensils and condiments in advance. Perhaps create a checklist for children who are setting the table so nothing is forgotten.

If you have some extra time, a cute vegetable garnish like a radish rose or carrot curls is a great way to make the plate look prettier while sneaking in some extra nutrition. By taking the time to set a nice table before the meal begins, you can ensure that everyone is able to sit down and enjoy their meal in peace.

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