Leaky Gut. What’s All The Fuss?

What’s the fuss about leaky gut?

You heard the words “leaky gut” bandied around a lot, I bet. And in your mind’s eye, do you see your poor intestinal walls pouring water out like sieve?

That’s a dramatic visual, however it’s helpful for understanding the problem.

Your intestinal walls are supposed to be barriers to keep the bad guys out and the good guys in. If there are holes, there are problems, no matter how small the holes.

Interestingly, your intestinal track is the place where your nutrients are absorbed AND the lion’s share of your immune system is active.

According to a study done by Massachusetts General Hospital, “Intestinal immune cells play an unexpected role in immune surveillance of the bloodstream.”

This shows you the great importance of proper digestion.

Without proper digestion, you end up with poor nutrition (because you can’t absorb the nutrients like you should), and a myriad of symptoms from the inability to lose weight, joint pain, skin issues, depression, ADHD, autoimmune disorders, food sensitivities and, the ever popular, diarrhea.

You can’t ignore a leaky gut—you have to vigilantly fix it.

Healing your leaky gut is possible—here’s how:

  1. Clean up your diet—that means get rid of the irritants like sugar, gluten and dairy (just TRY going sugar, gluten and dairy free for 30 days and watch what happens!)
  2. Get that fiber in (most Americans are woefully deficient on their daily fiber intake)
  3. Balance out the bad bacteria with the good stuff (probiotic and eating fermented foods)
  4. Remember, digestion starts with the first bite—chew your food well!
  5. Are you 35 or older? We lose the digestive enzymes our bodies make with age—it gets progressively worse with each birthday!) In my opinion, it’s imperative to use digestive enzymes with each meal (and say goodbye to heartburn and antacids!)
  6. Bone broth—are you drinking it? Standard issue for leaky gut, my friend!
  7. L-glutamine—in loose form, added to your morning smoothie. Helps heal your gut and makes your skin lovely!

I’ve dealt with leaky gut myself—it’s a bit of a battle, but the results have been stellar.

I’ve lost weight, my skin has cleared, my joints no longer ache, my tummy isn’t bloated and though I technically “have” Hashimotos, I’m now in remission!

Getting a grip on your gut is the cornerstone of getting your health BACK!

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Don’t delay—now is the time to get your leaky gut under control!

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