The Oven is OFF: Sandwiches, Slaws and Cool Soups!

Announcing National Turn the Oven Off Day! (ok, so I made that up!) But aren’t you HOT?? I’m DYING! Or melting anyway, yikes!
Honestly, it’s 700 degrees outside, the humidity is evil (remember?) and I’m all about staying out of the heat. You too? Remember that old saying? If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Well, I’m going to show you how to stay out of the hot spots of the kitchen and keep all hot appliances OFF!

With a new menu! Awesomeness all the way, with delicious sandwiches, fabulous slaws and a sprinkling of cool soups to keep the heat at bay. Yes, indeed, we know you’re hot (and not in a good way either, LOL).

Here’s some of the deliciousness we’ve got:

  • Pesto Sliders
  • Ham and Spinach on Foccacia
  • Double Decker Clubs
  • Tuna Panninis

We’ve got fabulous slaws in ways you would never think to try and some fantastic cold soups that will melt your will power.

You hungry? I bet! Me too, just drooling writing about this stuff!

You can get this fabulous menu of 20 sandwiches, 6 slaws and 6 chilled soups for just 15 bucks. That’s right, $15!!!! Why, because we love you and we’re freaking hot too!!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get some cold dinners in your repertoire. Seriously. Figuring out dinner is one thing; figuring out dinner in the heat is quite another!

Chill out and enjoy this new menu!!

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