Pretty up your dinner table with Flower Sprouts®

There’s a new vegetable on the block and if you spot it on your travels, I highly recommend that you try it.

Flower Sprouts® are a gorgeous cross between kale and Brussels sprouts. They look like tiny little cabbages with streaks of purple on frilly green leaves.

This vegetable was developed with the hopes of creating a subtly flavored Brussels sprout that looked pretty. Mission accomplished!

Flower Sprouts® are very easy to cook. After rinsing them in cold water, try blanching, steaming, stir frying or boiling and serving alongside meat or fish. They also make a delicious salad.

Flower Sprouts® are not only absolutely beautiful on a dinner plate, they contain all kinds of nutrition.

A 100 gram serving of Flower Sprouts® has twice as much Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 as Brussels sprouts. These pretty vegetables are also an excellent source of Vitamin E.

Because Flower Sprouts® are a combination of kale and Brussels sprouts, they also contain the multitude of health benefits that cruciferous vegetables have to offer.

We are encouraged to eat several handfuls of cruciferous vegetables each day, and because Flower Sprouts® are so beautiful, they are an easy sell for even the pickiest little eaters.

If you do find them and try them for dinner, please come back here and let me know what you thought!

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    1. Most new varieties of plants are the result of crossbreeding rather than genetic modification. Kind of like vegetable Labradoodles, lol.
      I don’t think there’s enough money in Flower Sprouts for a GMO company to bother messing with them, so we should be safe.

  1. The breeder on its website says they were “using traditional breeding techniques”. We can only hope it is true, then genetic manipulation is excluded.

  2. I watched the video for the preparation of the Pork Filet an flower sprouts. Good technique on how to rehydrate them. Check it out. Hopefully they are not GMO.

  3. Looks to be a great product. However, I don’t see where it is available in the USA. Do you have any info?

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