Dinner Diva: Rich Food Poor Food

I have to tell you, I get a bunch of the same questions every day about what to buy in the grocery store. I get that—it’s a maze of possibilities (and confusion) that needs particular navigation when you venture out to the weekly grocery procuring for your family. There is so much to think about—what everyone will eat, what you need to make your meals, and how much it’s going to cost you.
But something that we all need to think about is the quality of what we’re purchasing. Is it a rich food–as in nutrient-rich, good for you, and free from toxins or is it a poor food–negative nutrition, full of chemicals, and definitely not good for you?

We all have moments of pause at the grocery store, don’t we? We wonder how bad is this or is that the right choice for my family? What’s the difference between organic, certified organic, fair trade, and grass-fed…the list goes on!

Enter Rich Food, Poor Food a brand new book by husband and wife team Jayson and Mira Calton. This book is the definitive guide to everything in your grocery store. They call it the ultimate GPS for shopping (Grocery Purchasing System) and give you the down low on what’s what, why buy it, why avoid it and what your best choices are.
With this handy book by your side, you’ll find the freshest, healthiest choices for every single thing on your grocery list and will avoid the most common pitfalls from deceptive packaging (ie: “all-natural”…really? Steer clear says the Caltons!). One of the places they shine is the quick overview on how to properly navigate a food label.
Beautifully and colorfully illustrated with plenty of visuals and photos, the fun graphics point you in the right direction and make reading (and using!) this guide an easy navigational tool you’ll want to keep with you as you hit the store.
I highly recommend this resource—every nutritional i and t is crossed and the best part, is it comes from the Caltons. Their combined nutritional expertise guided and healed Mira Calton’s own advanced osteoporosis at the age of 30 years old! (you’ll have to read their first book, Naked Calories to get that story).
If you’re confounded at the grocery store and just want to make the right choices, choosing the right brands, and put an end to the nutritional frustration and confusion the grocery stores seem to major in these days, then Rich Food Poor Food is the book for you!
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