Shout out for mung bean sprouts

Those long white bean sprouts you see in pad thai, chop suey and other Asian dishes are actually mung bean sprouts, and they grow from (you guessed it) mung bean seeds.

Sprouts are essentially vegetable seeds that have just begun to grow and are the very symbol of life. Packed with life-giving enzymes and nutrition, sprouts are considered a superfood.

To get the most nutrition out of your mung bean sprouts, eat them raw! A cup of these guys will give you:

• 3 grams of protein
• 43% of your RDA (recommended daily amount) of Vitamin K
• 23% of your RDA of Vitamin C
• 16% of your RDA of folate
• 10% of your RDA of manganese

Mung bean sprouts also contain niacin, Vitamin B6, riboflavin, iron, thiamin, magnesium, potassium, phosphate, zinc and copper.

I like raw mung bean sprouts in salads and smoothies. But, I also love them in stir-fries! These sturdy guys are actually one of the only types of sprouts that can stand the heat, holding up to cooking. Just be sure to add them in at the very end of your cooking time. This would be especially true for longer cooking methods like slow cooking. (PS: Speaking of slow cooking, we have a great assortment of Crock Cooker ebook bundles, so be sure to get all those details!)

You can find mung bean sprouts in most well-stocked grocery stores, but I recommend growing your own!

To sprout your own mung beans

All you need to grow your own mung beans are a handful of raw sprout seeds, a jar, cheesecloth, a rubber band, and some fresh water.

Toss the seeds in a jar of clean water and seal the jar with a piece of cheesecloth and a rubber band. Soak them like that for up to 12 hours. Then drain the seeds and cover again with water, rinsing twice a day. Keep this up until the sprouts are about half an inch long, and then enjoy!

How do you like your mung bean sprouts best?

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  1. I use them when I do spring rolls with rice papers . I take slivered carrots, cucumbers sliced thin long ways, mung bean sprouts, spring salad mix, basil and cooked shrimp sliced in half and rice noodles. you can go on YouTube and watch them make them fast and easy and so good. you can make your own dipping sauce. I love mung beans.

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