The Skinny on Fad Diets

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The Skinny on Fad Diets

By Leanne Ely, CNC


Quick question: Do fad diets work? The answer is YES. Surprised I’d say that, aren’t you? But I’m not finished. You will lose weight (and probably muscle; not the fat loss you wanted) and then most likely (97% likely as a matter of fact), gain it all back, plus a few more. Fad diets aren’t pretty.

The biggest problem with fad diets is that they’re not constructed to fit into anyone’s lifestyle. How would you like to be on a grapefruit only diet and go out to dinner with a group one night? Kinda hard to explain your plate full of grapefruit to your tablemates who are all enjoying the catch of the day and some healthy veggies, isn’t it? With fad diets, the only goal is to lose weight, end of story. The idea that your diet should not only enable you to lose weight, but also promote health and then keep the weight off is foreign to fad diets.

So, what’s the solution to getting weight off and keeping it off? Start keeping a food journal and examine what you’re eating on a regular basis, record it, reflect on it, and see what you can do to make it better. Instead of cutting out all carbs, cut the ones that are obviously not doing you any good. Live without bread, rice and pasta for a while and see how you do. This rationale can be applied to more than just carbs – it can be applied to anything!

Studies have shown that those who diligently keep a food journal lose weight and keep it off. This small act will make you much more conscious of what you’re eating and keep you more aware of what your body really needs. In the end you are your own nutritional guru–what works for me, may not work for you. You really do know what’s best for your body and you are the one who needs to decide on your best diet–you can do that when you journal. Start today!

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