What’s the Skinny on CLA?

What’s the Skinny on CLA?

What’s the Skinny on CLA? Is CLA a weight loss miracle pill?  Theories and postulations abound–fortunately, there’s some research too.  One theory says that it modulates fat metabolism, which helps your body use food for energy.  Another thought is that it causes fat and weight loss because it boosts the body’s metabolism by increasing your […]

Leanne’s Favorite Food Swaps

In life, it’s the little things that count. Not the great big momentous occasions, but the daily moments that all strung together, make up your own personal circle of life. We cannot measure the quality of our lives by the big events like birthday celebrations, weddings, baptisms, and graduations. It’s the day-to-day stuff that makes […]

4 tips to avoid going off track

It can happen to the best of us—a healthy eating regimen completely derails for whatever reason. Life is hard! Things happen. People get sick, work gets chaotic, life just gets out of control from time to time, and with that, one of the first things to go by the wayside is often proper meal prep. […]

It’s probably in your cupboard & can lower your blood pressure!?

When apple cider ferments, the sugar in that cider gets broken down by bacteria and yeast into alcohol. From there, the cider becomes vinegar. Apple cider vinegar, to be precise. Cider vinegar adds a wonderful zip to recipes calling for white vinegar, and unlike white vinegar, it also has quite a good nutritional profile (and […]

Protein Power

Getting adequate protein is essential for optimal health. Proteins are required for giving strength and structure to your body’s tissues and cells. We need protein to control biochemical reactions and to help the immune system run smoothly. Protein regulates the body’s metabolism, and they are also responsible for the regulation of hormones and the activities […]

Dinner Diva: Think Outside the Side Dish

How many of us live in households where the dinner plate consists of a serving of meat, starch, and a small portion of vegetables? Now that I eat a Paleo diet, my plate looks a lot different than it once did. No longer do we eat rice, couscous or pasta at my house. When you […]

Food For Thought: Vinegar. It’s not just for pickles anymore!

Once upon a time, there was white distilled vinegar that our mothers and grandmothers would use to pickle vegetables and clean the floors. And that was pretty much it as far as the vinegar train went. Today there are enough options in vinegar to make you nuts. There’s cider vinegar, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, […]

Food For Thought: Making it your own

Dear Friends, Without going into arduous detail, suffice it to say that buying and moving into my new house (new to me anyway) was a small act of God. The obstacles, delays, and endless frustration started in December and finally ended in April with a triumphant closing. It almost felt like giving birth. And today, […]