The Truth About Soy

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The Truth About Soy

by Leanne Ely, CNC

There is a huge misconception that soy is the smarter choice when it comes to milk, meat, and snack foods.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but soy is a member of the dark side. I don’t think any Jedi Knight would be able to procure enough of the Force to recruit soy to join the good side, not enough for soy to really be worth including in your regular diet at least.

You may think I’m exaggerating, but I have a whole list of reasons why soy isn’t your best friend. First of all, many soy foods are processed, and you’ll notice soy is a mainstream ingredient in too many things to count now a days. The Weston Price Foundation researched and collected a long list of reasons why soy is such a negative factor in our dietary routine. I’ve listed a only a fraction of their list below:

·Processed soy foods will form glutamic acid, or as we more commonly refer to it: MSG. Not only does it form but it is usually added to soy products. MSG – a neurotoxin you don’t want attacking your body.
·Soy products contain a lot of aluminum, which is deadly to your nervous system and kidneys.
·Soy has also been linked with being a contributing factor to thyroid cancer.
·Soy causes a disturbing interference with protein digestion and pancreatic disorder.
·Soy was tested on animals and was proven to stunt their growth.

And that is only a portion of their list of soy’s downfall.

It’s not just as simple as saying: this is bad for you because you’ll gain weight, or it’ll make you break out or whatever.

Soy has become an unconscious staple in many of our diets, and as you can tell from what is listed above, you want to rid yourself of that. So I encourage you: watch what you’re buying. Is it full of soy? Soy protein or oils or texturized vegetable protein (that’s soy).

When you add to the equation that most soy is GMO, you’ve got a real problem. Don’t believe me? Research GMO soy yourself and see what you come up with. Like Kayla Daniels says, “there is no joy in soy.”

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4 Responses

  1. You showed no evidence at all that soy is bad. Where are the peer-reviewed medical journal articles? Where’s the science? As for your GMO fear-mongering, give me a break. All food plants have been genetically modified since the beginning of agriculture. The only difference is that we’re doing this in a lab instead of out in the field like we did 10,000 years ago.

  2. I will say for myself, I am extremely sensitive to soy. Eating one of those soy protein isolate-based bars (Luna, ZonePerfect, Kashi, etc.) makes my normally-clear skin break out in horrendous acne akin to the skin seen during many teens’ years. It also bloats me up & causes gas, amongst other gastrointestinal products. MANY women I’ve talked to are eating those bars, drinking soy milk (because we’ve been told dairy is BAD- ha, only for certain people, is it bad, though) & eating tofu to try & lose weight. However, they feel sick often, have terrible skin & as Leanne said, are developing health problems. Small amounts of soy- a little soy sauce or tofu here & there, etc., is okay. Replacing a dairy & protein intake with it usually is not. Many Westerners whose family origins aren’t Asian lack the enzyme to even properly digest soy. Just like many people in Asia don’t digest dairy well at all. Genes play a factor, like it or not, in what we can eat w/ ease & comfort.

  3. Question….What about organic gmo-free soy milk…is this also bad? I recently had a partial hysterectomy (my ovaries were removed–and I am taking natural hormones) and I was told soy is a helpful alternative for dealing with menopausal symptoms…any comments u have on this would be helpful. Thanks.

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