TTR: Watermelon

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Today’s focus is on Watermelon

Now is the time for all good summer enthusiasts to get their watermelons! They’re in season; they’re cheap, plentiful and chocked full of potassium (great for those times when you’re feeling bloated) and a smattering of vitamin C.

Here’s today’s TRICK:

Picking out a good watermelon involves a bit of skill with thumping optional (if you have to thump, listen for a hollow sound). The best way to determine a good one is to look for a blemish free specimen with a creamy yellow underside (this is the side it was growing on). The melon should be feel heavy—remember, it’s about 90% water!

Here’s a TIP:
Did you know you can store an uncut watermelon at room temperature for about two weeks? Keep that in mind next time you see them on sale.

And your RECIPE:

Not really a true recipe, but this is a delicious way to not have your cut up leftover watermelon go to waste. Cut leftover watermelon into chunks (removing seeds and rind), place in a blender and blend till pureed and smooth. Freeze the juice in ice cube trays and add to lemonade for a refreshing and colorful drink!

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