Zucchini – The Ultimate Summer Squash

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Today’s focus is on: Zucchini!

I am lucky enough to have some planted in my garden and it’s going crazy. I’ve had about 4 zucchini so far and YUM, delish! Here are some things you need to know about zucchini: 1) massively low in calories—one large zucchini is only 16 calories! 2) plenty of phyto nutrients including beta-carotene, B vitamins, a little vitamin C and plenty o’ potassium!


Here’s a TIP:

Small to medium sized zucchinis are most tasty. Look for a smooth, unblemished skin and nice dark green color. Tasty zucchs skin should feel soft, but the zucchini itself should be hard and not squishy (that means its past its prime, yuck!)


And a TRICK:

To change things up, I grate my zucchini, sautéing it in garlic and olive oil, topping it with a little freshly grated Romano cheese and fresh ground pepper. Nice side dish and almost rice-like or pasta-like in texture.


And your RECIPE:

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  1. I love zucchini’s so this is a great meal for me. But, if you ever feel like sending me a dish-let me know!

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