What green pod can help your vision and keep you regular?

Okra isn’t everyone’s favorite vegetable, but if you knew how healthy these edible green pods were, I think you might find yourself warming up to them.

Now, I’m from California so I didn’t grow up eating fresh okra. But when I moved to the South, I found out from growing them myself, that they can be enjoyed in so many ways (besides being fried).

Okra is extremely high in fiber and low in calories. It contains Vitamin A, which protects your eyesight, boosts your immunity, and protects against certain types of cancers. Okra is also high in B vitamins, vitamins C and K, folate, iron, calcium, and potassium.

All of this nutrition in okra can…

• aid in red blood cell production
• help reduce asthma attacks
• reduce blood sugar levels
• promote regularity
• keep your bones strong
• heal stomach ulcers
• improve skin health

A serving of okra will give you an excellent dose of antioxidants as well.

Okra is in season now, so stock up on this nutritious green veggie. Make sure you choose smaller okra over bigger ones (much more tender) and that they are firm, green, and crisp when snapped.

You can eat okra raw, blanched, roasted, or lightly stir-fried. Okra makes amazing pickles, too! And you might not realize this, but you can actually eat okra leaves, too, so don’t throw those away if you’re growing them!

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  1. i have a challenge for you…try some young milkweed pods in place of okra. it’s a delicious little tasty snack raw, and there are recipes from times past. You have to harvest your own from milkweed you know isn’t sprayed w/chemicals, but very tasty!!

  2. not poisonous to humans. google it. people have used it for hundreds of years. I am not dead. yet.

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