Why a high-speed blender?

If you were to ask me which small appliance in my kitchen is absolutely my most indispensable item, you might be surprised at my answer.

I don’t use my microwave, I don’t need a toaster since I don’t eat bread and I don’t do a lot of baking so the stand mixer doesn’t get a lot of use. So what’s left?

I’ll tell you what’s left-my Blendtec!

There was a time in my life when I would have told you that a high-performance blender was a waste of counter space. But now that I am addicted to fresh green juices and healthy smoothies (and the great feeling of good health that goes with those two things), I couldn’t imagine life without my Blendtec.

Now, let’s get one thing out of the way. I’m only using the brand name because it is the one that I use, know, and love. I hear that Vitamix is in the same league as Blendtec (these are the two main players in the high-speed blender space).

These small appliances come with a pretty big price tag. You can pay anywhere from $400 and up for a Vitamix or a Blendtec.

So, why does one need a $500+ blender? First of all, the Blendtec is more than just a blender, thank you very much. These small appliances do cost a lot, but they can replace a dozen other items you have in your kitchen. And with the warranty behind them (5-8 years depending on the model), they are worth the investment.

Sure, your regular old blender can make smoothies, purees, and dips, but can it make juice out of kale? Can it make milk out of almonds? Can it grind grains and nuts into flour? I rest my case.

I use my Blendtec multiple times per day to make:

• Juice
• Smoothies
• Milks (coconut and almond, specifically )
• Nut butters
• Spreads and dips
• Frozen desserts
• Frozen drinks (can you say margarita?)
• Dressings
• Purees
• Soups

A Blendtec can help with your food prep by chopping, creaming, grinding, and kneading, and it can even cook a batch of soup for you, for heaven’s sake.

A high-performance blender like the Blendtec is an investment not only in your kitchen but in your health. You’ll find that when you have one of these guys, you eat more produce-zero excuses anymore for wasting food scraps!-, providing you and your family with more nutrients.

If you have a very good quality blender, a very good quality juicer, and a very good quality food processor, can you live without a Blendtec? Yes. But if you can afford one machine that will take the place of all those items, and get you the silkiest smoothies blend possible for man, you won’t regret it.

I could talk about Blentec all day! Instead, why don’t you check it out for yourself?


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