Wine lover? Here’s your pairing guide…

As I was sitting here one evening with a cold, delicious glass of my beloved Prosecco and a bowl of juicy organic strawberries, it occurred to me…

Saving Dinner needs to do a guide to food and wine pairings!

Because, let me tell you, when you are a lover of wine and food, knowing which foods to pair with which wines will take your wine escapades to a whole new level. The right wine will enhance the flavor of the food, and the right, delicious food will elevate the wine. By the way, it does go a bit farther than red wine with red meat, and white wine with everything else. Just in case you were wondering 😉

So, the following photos that our lovely team has put together should help you ensure you always have the right wine for the occasion.



Prosecco or any other sweet sparkling wine will pair perfectly with a delicious pizza or a perfectly composed caprese salad. When you’re serving seafood, salad, or sweet strawberries, you’ll want a glass of bubbly.

Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon and chocolate go together like… well… red wine and chocolate. Do you know what else goes well with Cabernet Sauvignon? Walnuts, red meat, and berries. Yum!



Chardonnay is the perfect wine to pair with that rich, creamy, buttery meal. If you’ve having a meal of pasta (especially carbonara) or poached eggs, asparagus, and bread, Chardonnay is the wine you’ll want to pour.



As we all learned from Hannibal Lector, Chianti goes well with liver and fava beans (eew!), but it also pairs perfectly with Italian food. Or any dish focused on tomatoes.



Malbec is one of my favorite reds. I like pairing mine with fruit, chocolate, or red meat.



I like to pair my Merlot with salmon and a nice arugula salad. But it’s also perfect with red meat and pork. Oh, and if you’re a fan of bruschetta, that would be delicious with Merlot, too.



A sweet glass of Moscato is heavenly with Asian food or a nice ripe slice of pineapple. It’s also ideal to enjoy with a cheese plate with honey.

Pinot Grigio


I love a cold glass of Pinot Grigio with almost anything, but it’s absolutely perfect with seafood.

Pinot Noir


And the red pinot, Pinot Noir, is fantastic with red meat. It’s also fabulous with a nice thin crust pizza topped with goat cheese and spinach.



Perfect with Chinese food, pork, salads, cheese… just about anything, really. It’s hard to go wrong with a nice crisp Reisling.



When you’re serving prosciutto and melon, you’ll want to serve that with a good Rose wine. Rose also goes well with pasta or chicken.

Sauvignon Blanc


Shrimp and salad? Perfect pairing with Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine is also delicious when you’re having a chicken or a Mexican meal with cilantro and lime.



Another great pairing with salmon or red meat is Shiraz. A nice easy-to-drink red.



Zinfandel is a lovely wine to drink with dessert!

Now, all this talk about wine has got me thirsty! Excuse me while I pour a glass 😉

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