Your Burning “Why” for Wanting to Grow Healthier & Better

Today I am interrupting our “regular scheduled programming” to share something different with you.

Lately, more and more of you have been asking me where I get my passion from. My burning WHY for wanting to support you.

Recently, I sat with the wonderful Jonathan Fields for an interview to talk about this exact important subject. In the interview, I cover many crucial points, including some of my core driving beliefs for why I do what I do to serve you and support you. Simply put:

* I believe it’s important that our families begin gathering around the dinner table for the sacred and important ritual of enjoying a well-prepared meal together.

* I believe that it’s important we all become more informed and educated about what it is we’re putting on that table and in our bodies so we can be healthier and happier.

* I believe that doing this together as a community helps us nurture stronger and more loving families that’ll stick together, persevere, and prosper.

* I also believe we need to redefine “success” back to the simpler things that have a much bigger impact on our lives.

What do you think?

Watch the interview below. In just the first 10-15 minutes, we cover quite a lot. We then even proceed to discuss subjects like the challenges of parenting today, and why we need to stand up for our values and not compromise them.

What’s your burning “why” for wanting to improve your health, and look and feel amazing?

Comment below and share your perspective. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. You and your whole team are doing wonderful things to make the world a better place. THANK YOU. This interview is awesome because you and your passion are awesome!

    I have a Top Ten list of women. My mother has always been #1…you are right up there, too, Leanne! xoxo

  2. What an inspiring interview! I was most taken with your stance on homeschooling and stepping back to raise your children. I quit my job in 2010 when the oldest of my 4 was 9mo old and while it’s a hard journey, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Illness has a funny way of teaching us how fleeting things can be, doesn’t it? Every second counts with these lil ones and there’s only one shot at raising them with every essence of our hearts/beings. Once again, thanks for the candor, the refreshing take on life and for all that you do. I’m looking forward to learning all about your next journey.

  3. Leanne, thanks for doing this interview! I have been with you since your “Fly Lady” days when you were still living in California. I so believe in the mission you are leading! Since the webinar with Dr. Terry Wahls, I have been following the paleo menu mailer and loving it. I also share the same autoimmune disease as you do. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

    I am convinced that if many parents were to change what they are feeding their kids, many f the challenging learning issues would lessen.

  4. I also want you to know that I work with our health teacher on a unit entitled “Advertising Media and Your Health” where we expose the ways in which the media manipulates and markets to the adolescent audience. Kids have been very receptive to learning the myths that the alcohol and cigarette industries and now the e-cigarette industry perpetrate on youth. When we delve into the body image portion of the unit, they are amaed to see how distorted our image of beauty has become. Lastly,

  5. Lastly, when we look at the fast food industry and their marketing techniques, they are blown away by how manipulated they feel. We debunk the Coke commercials, show how food makeup artists work their trade, and how the supposedly “healthy” foods really are filled with artifical things such as fake blueberries, etc.

    I am frustrated with being able to correct my comments for spelling as each time I try, the program running the comments freezes.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!

    It is truly the small wonderful personal connections with our loved ones and everyone we encounter that are the blessings of our lives.

    Nancy Goss

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