4 Tips to Enjoy Your Food

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4 Tips to Enjoy Your Food

By Leanne Ely, C.N.C


Dear Friends,

We’re busy, tired, stressed, and always in a whirlwind of hurry. This is the American “normal”. And unfortunately, busy, tired, stressed out and always in a hurry doesn’t make for the best choices come mealtime. When we line our cars up in fast food drive thrus, or stand in front of a vending machine debating which bag of chips looks like a solid substitute for a meal, we’re not choosing food that will taste fresh or promote quality nutrition for our bodies–that’s not even on our radar screen–till much later.

But eating this way–as quick, easy, and effortless as possible–without considering that the “easy way out” is actually riddled with more consequences than we will admit to. Very often, we’re laced with a bit of guilt for eating something we know isn’t good for us, and our bodies take the beating because we give it food that makes us sluggish rather than energetic.

But here’s the good news–there is an easy way to eat well and enjoy eating! Check it out–

1. Eat On Purpose – Snacking just to snack or accidently skipping a meal is something we all do. If you’re munching on trail mix all day just because it was sitting at your fingertips, not because you were really hungry, is going to effect eating properly portioned meals. Snacking isn’t a bad thing, just don’t do it because you’re bored instead of hungry – and choose the right foods to snack on! Also, downsize your meals a little bit so you can tell what portions are satisfying your hunger instead of always exceeding that boundary.

2. Eat Healthy – Some terms you’ll want to associate with the food you prepare: healthy, whole, natural, and organic. When you eat well, you don’t just have the satisfaction that you chose good food, but your body will definitely feel the positive aftermath of feeling refreshed and energetic.

3. Eat At The Table – Only two things need to be around the dinner table: people and food. Television, movies, cell phones, and game systems are all unnecessary and distracting guests to have for dinner. Eating a meal with your family is a celebration of life that should be respected as more than just another recreational activity, plus studies prove you’re more apt to eat more nutritiously!

4. Preparation is Community Activity – Cooking with your family is also another way to enjoy your food! With busy lives, sometimes preparing the food becomes drudgery and something we don’t look forward to, but if you prepare the food together, you can increase your gratification quotient exponentially.

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