Healthy Foods: Amazing Spirulina

There are so many superfoods out there that it can make your head spin when you start researching them! I wrote about one of those superfoods not too long ago (aloe vera), and today I want to tell you about another one — spirulina.
What is Spirulina?
This popular dietary supplement is a blue-green alga that grows naturally in freshwater ponds. It’s also grown commercially in Southeast Asia, East Asia, and in the United States.
It can be eaten fresh from the pond, but most often, it’s taken in pill form or as a powder, stirred into a tall glass of water.
What’s so special about spirulina?
Spirulina has been eaten as a food source as far back as the 9th century, but it didn’t go into commercial production until a French company started growing it on a large scale in the ‘70s.
Some people say that this humble little alga has the potential to end world hunger. That’s because spirulina occurs naturally and can survive neglect, as well as extreme temperature variations.
A few nutritional highlights about spirulina:
• it has more protein than red meat
• it can detoxify the body
• it may reduce your risk of cancer
• it can lower your risk of stroke
• it normalizes your cholesterol levels
• it balances your blood pressure
• it can provide relief from allergies
• it will boost your immunity system
• it provides as many vitamins and nutrients per serving as two green salads
Visit your nearest trusted health store and ask for their highest quality spirulina product. A word of caution: the powder tastes nasty, so if you can’t just plug your nose and swallow it, you might be better off with the pill form. I like to add my spirulina powder to my daily glass of juice.
A word of caution
Spirulina will detoxify your body. You may notice mild flu-like symptoms when you start taking it, so go easy! In addition to an extra trip or two to the restroom, you may also notice your skin starting to break out.
That’s a good sign and it’s normal. The toxins are trying to get out of your body.
When you add spirulina to your diet, you’ll need to increase your water intake to help it do its thing.
Do you take spirulina? If so, share your experiences! Let us know on our Facebook page!

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