The art and craft of cooking
(nothing else impacts your health MORE!)

The art and craft of cooking has been glorified in glossy magazines for years with beautiful shots of styled food, propped, positioned, and perfectly lit, sitting on a color-coordinated plate. These gorgeous pictures set your mouth to drooling and your desire to cook right off the charts.

In recent years, food bloggers have attempted the same thing with their step-by-step pictures of a recipe in progress, making your mouth drool and your need to chop, sauté and simmer intense!

We at have test kitchened and worked our own private culinary magic without the photographic evidence (unfortunately) for years, although that’s starting to change.

Lately, we’ve been testing paleo recipes and more to capture the drool-worthiness of some of our most coveted recipes (as well as a bunch of fresh new recipes). Having photographic evidence of our culinary triumphs has been great!


And while you may not be a food blogger (or ever want to be one), if you consider cooking to be a bore, a chore and on the same level of fun as root canals and toilet cleaning, step back for a minute and try on a new perspective.

Next time you make a meal, place it carefully on the chosen plate, sprinkle with a little fresh parsley (it takes two seconds to snip with your kitchen shears!), and serve it the way it would be served properly in a restaurant (with the protein on the plate at 6 o’clock if it was in front of you at the table).

You don’t have to whip out the camera and start snapping pictures to make a meal beautiful enough to warrant a picture. You don’t have to blog about it, either. You just need to appreciate it a little bit and give your meal its due. Any meal served beautifully becomes even better than what it was intended to be and is appreciated more (even your little ones will notice) by the family.

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