Diaries of Henrietta, the Bus (pt. II)

Hello again (Caroline here)! It’s been farrrrrrrr too long since I wrote out pt. I – but between being in and out of service and constantly being on the road, we’ve been simply having too much fun! The last time I posted, we were driving through Kansas – the never ending state. So there’s a […]

Diaries of Henrietta, the Bus (pt. I)

Greetings from who-knows-where-in-the-USA! Caroline here (Leanne’s daughter and employee, for those that don’t know!): many of you follow along with us on Facebook, but if you don’t, here’s the rub! My husband, two husky pups (Fawkes and Dakota, sweetest and cutest in all the land), and myself are moving to Oregon! Moving out to the […]

Calling all Cauliflower!

Also known as Cabbage Flower, cauliflower is a member of the Brassica family of veggies, well-known for its cancer-fighting capabilities. Mon petit chou means (in French, chou is pronounced “shoe”) “my little cauliflower” and is a term of endearment! How do you like that? Here’s today’s TRICK: Take the stem off your cauliflower and keep […]

Smoked salmon

As a Paleoista, I’m always looking to change things up in my selection of proteins, and smoked salmon fits the bill any time of day. Smoked salmon is made by brining and smoking strips of salmon, giving it a wonderful flavor. Commonly referred to as lox and served with bagels, smoked salmon isn’t just for […]

Giving the green light to red kale

I am one of kale’s biggest cheerleaders. This probably doesn’t come as a great surprise to many of you, I’m sure! While your classic curly kale is my old standby, this time of year I like to spice things up by adding red kale to my shopping basket. Red kale has reddish-purple and green leaves, […]

Tip, Trick, & a Recipe: Little fish, big health — Sardines

A teeny little fish that may never have been on your radar before is popping up on the shopping lists of health nuts across North America. Pacific sardines are a tremendous fish to add to your diet. These little guys are chock full of minerals, Omega-3 fatty acids (they contain ten times more Omega-3s than […]

Healthy Foods: Great Reader Tips!

I have a big email bag full of great tips that won’t all make it to the Hip Tip section because there are only 52 weeks a year, LOL! So I’ve selected some really great ones and have them here for your perusal: *Hi. I operate a home day care, and so have to be […]

Eating Healthy Saves Money

I hear all the time that buying healthy food costs more money. The truth is, eating healthy, in the right amounts, costs less. It not only costs less in terms of dollars in the checkout line, it costs less in terms of dollars spent on your health care bill later. While there is some disagreement […]

More Fiber Please!

Boosting the intake of fiber in the diet should be tops on the list of anyone hoping to improve their nutritional profile. Getting enough fiber in the diet will absolutely keep you regular—especially if you remember the other corresponding component to filling up with fiber—water. Think for a moment about your garbage disposal. In order […]