Healthy Foods: More from Dear Dinner Diva

We get a lot of questions and we answer the good ones! 😉
If you have a good one, send it on to dinner diva at saving dinner dot com (altogether, use symbols)
On to the questions–

Dear Dinner Diva,
Please make a “Printer Friendly” version of your daily emails. The recipes are great but printing the email as is wastes paper and ink.
Also, what is the proper way to chop kale? Are you supposed to cut the leaves off and discard the stalk or use the stalk as well? Thanks.
Dear Les,
My suggestion is you simply copy and paste any recipes you would like to save into a Word document. I do that and it’s easy!
For the kale chopping, here’s how it’s done: first wash the leaves and cut off the ends to remove the dried-out parts. Then tear the leaf off the stem by holding the leaf in one hand, tearing it off with another, almost like you’re tearing a page of paper in half. Save the stems for later use (I freeze them and chop them fine for soups or stews for the nutrients and extra fiber). Now take that big bunch of leaves and roll them together like a big cigar. Now using kitchen shears (that’s the easiest way, you can also use a knife), cut the kale into ribbons. This is called chiffonade. Makes the kale easier to cook and handle!

Dear Dinner Diva,
I’ve been a faithful subscriber for many years, but I still struggle with enough time to cook dinners for my 6 and 9 year old boys. I work full time and getting dinner on the table at a reasonable hour is tough. Are you considering a time-friendly, kid-friendly, yet healthy, mailer for me and other moms like me who want to have healthy meals for their family, but are short on time?
Dear Corinne,
I totally feel your pain! It’s tough getting it all done, this is why we have our Freezer Meals.
Just like those franchise dinner assembly places, we have a DIY version of them and they’re GREAT for getting your freezer filled up with dinners that you only need to thaw, cook and eat! You do all the chopping etc. beforehand when you’re assembling the meals and because they’re not pre-cooked, they taste just as fresh as if you just chopped and cooked them up right then.
Here’s a link to our ebooks page.

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