Ask Leanne: What’s the difference between Keto and Paleo?

I get asked this question. All. The.TIME!

So I thought I would spend a little time giving you the major differences, plus a recipe to help you see (and taste) a GREAT recipe!

First of all, a ketogenic diet is a diet that is higher in fat, and lower in carbs and protein. The paleo diet is grain-free, dairy-free, and concentrates on higher volumes of vegetables and as much protein as you need.

Keto doesn’t mean dairy-free–there’s a ton of cheese and heavy cream in traditional keto diets (which can be inflammatory).

Keto also doesn’t mean nutrient-rich (which by the way, is a sticking point with me).

What keto does is help your body turn into a fat burner vs a sugar burner, giving your body the ability to shed weight nearly effortlessly and without hunger–once you get into ketosis (which is simply the mechanism the body uses to tell you “mission accomplished” you’ve turned into a fat burner!).

And being a fat burner vs a sugar burner is better for brain function, regulating hormonal fluctuations (including PCOS), perhaps overcoming blood sugar issues, lowering triglycerides, improving autoimmune conditions, calming IBS, and giving a sense of well-being and increased energy!

So that’s the easy differentiators between the traditional two types of eating.

Both can be anti-inflammatory. Both have the ability to shift your body’s chemistry and help you achieve weight loss goals, health goals (i.e., lower blood sugar, bring down inflammatory markers, etc.) and help you feel great as mentioned above.

BUT–traditional keto diets may not give you enough nutrients and if you’re going the full dairy route with keto, you could actually be defeating yourself!

That’s why I created the Hot Melt Sprint—the plan that gets you into ketosis fast, gives you the nutrients you need, and it’s anti-inflammatory so you get the maximum health benefits associated with keto. 🙂 It has everything you need—amazing smoothies, fabulous lunches, and dinners to make you drool!

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  1. I would love to try this – I have a over 50 lbs to get rid off, but more importantly, I need to get healthy. Where do I start? There is so much information out there and its so confusing and driving me nuts!!!

    Please help!
    Thank you

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