Ask Leanne: Why does keto have to be so complicated?

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Unbelievable–that’s exactly the difference between a keto diet (all the rage!) and our own Hot Melt Diet.

Yesterday I explained the difference between a keto diet and a paleo diet (because you ask me that all the time, LOL!!) And now I think it’s important to explain the difference between a standard keto diet and our own, Hot Melt Diet.

WHY the unbelievable difference between the two?

For starters, I think having to pee on a stick or poke your finger for blood to see if you’re in ketosis is garbage–oh sure, you can do it (and I’ll tell you how even), but WHY do it if you’re adhering to the principles of eating a lot of good healthy fat (and keeping an eye on your other macro-nutrients)?

The other thing is that whole question of macro-nutrients–do you really want to be measuring and weighing food, counting and doing math all the time? Do you even want yet another app on your phone to enter all of this stuff for the calculations? Do you have time for that? Can you sustain that?

Me either.

And as a nutritionist for 25 years, some of the keto recipes I’ve stumbled across are horrific nutritionally with no thought given to what a healthy body NEEDS–

In other words, it’s NOT just about weight loss, it’s about hormone and brain function and it’s about cooling inflammation…

Hot Melt vs Keto–you decide. 🙂

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