Dinner Diva – Plasticware

plasticwareOne of the most frustrating things in the kitchen is dealing with the plastic stuff. You know what I’m talking about—Tupperware, Rubbermaid containers, whatever brand or style you use, we all have it.

And boy do we have it! We have it to overflowing. It is as if the giant plasticware beast threw up in our kitchens. If we never ate a bite of our Thanksgiving dinners, sealed it all up in our abundant plasticware, we would still have enough leftover plastic to bundle up the entire neighborhoods’ Thanksgiving dinners also! WHY is this so?

I will tell you why: we have TOO much! Yes, there is such thing as too many plastic containers. We don’t need as much as we think. As a matter of fact, I am of the opinion that having an ENTIRE cupboard dedicated to leftover-keeping is way too much plastic!

We really only need a drawer-full and even that might be too much. The fact is, leftovers need to be used up within a couple of days of becoming a leftover. So really, you should be using up what’s leftover FIRST before you start over again with a new meal. Last night’s dinner is today’s wonderful lunch. Lots of leftovers from the night before mean you can recycle your dinner by adding an out of the ordinary flavor and calling it something different. For example, last night’s recycled roast chicken is now peeking through a tortilla with some beans and salsa to become a Chicken Bean Burrito. See how this works?

But back to my point—too much plastic. I have an assignment for you: pull out your plastic, make sure you have the lids, recycle the stuff that no longer has a lid, bless someone with your excess (that’s all in good working order and complete) and make it your goal to have a plastic DRAWER and give that cupboard space over to something else! If you have never had a pantry, here’s your opportunity!

Plasticware is helpful when it is a controlled substance. When it is out of control, it is a monster that must be contained. Don’t let the plastic containers take over your kitchen! Set your timer for 15 minutes and slay that plastic beast! Go ahead, I double dog dare you!

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