Do You Have a Hydration Station?

Do You Have a Hydration Station?

Hydrating and just drinking water are not necessarily the same thing. 

There’s an objective to all that water, bone broth, and whatever else you’re drinking–and that is to hydrate your body at the cellular level. 

Once upon a time, it used to be all about drinking enough water till your pee was clear or light yellow. Nowadays, we’re digging into the real issue of cellular dehydration and making sure your body is adequately hydrated right down to the cells so you’re functioning optimally.

Water Is An Amazing Substance

When water is in its liquid state, there are hydrogen bonds keeping the individual molecules of water close together. When it is heated up, the hydrogen bonds are broken and the water moves into the vapor state. 

So when you’re drinking water, to get the water into the cells, the hydrogen bonds have to be broken so that the molecules of water can actually enter the cells. How do you break the hydrogen bonds? You have to add energy to the system. The more energy you have to add, the harder it is to hydrate the cells. 

The worst absorbed water (and least able to hydrate the cells) is distilled water–I call it dead water and have for a long, long time. It’s only good for irons (if you’re into ironing) and whatever other appliances specifically call for distilled water. 

Maximum Absorption

The best absorption and consequent hydration for your cells is filtered water (love my Berky!), mineral waters, and electrolyte solutions like Hot Melt Mix. 

Each day, I drink a liter of Pellegrino mineral water (I buy it by the case!) and a big huge serving of Hot Melt Mix, mixed with about 24 ounces of water. I add a scoop of powdered vitamin C and that is my beverage till tea time! Sometimes I actually add Pellegrino to my Hot Melt Mix and have a very nice fizzy drink that’s delicious, full of electrolytes, plus exogenous ketones that help you stay in ketosis all on designed to hydrate the living daylights out of the lovely little cells! 

This, in addition to watching my hydration levels and keeping my Hydration Station set up (water bottles filled and ready to go in the fridge), is how I get adequately hydrated each and every day. 

How Much Do I Drink?

My formula to help you get adequately hydrated is to take your weight, divide by 2 and that number (in ounces) is how much hydration you should attain during the day. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you should be getting in 75 ounces of hydration each day.

And remember, it all counts–yes even your coffee and tea. The latest research has debunked the old adage of drinking a glass of water for each cup of coffee. Science proved that to be wrong! 

Proper hydration is getting enough water to maintain blood flow, normal kidney function, and adequate fluid for GI function. But what you really want to do well with the fluids that you drink is to drive that hydration into the cell and that’s dependent on the quality of the water, electrolytes, minerals, and even fiber (our FiberMender 3.0 will do the trick!). 

Chronically Dehydrated?

Most of us are walking around in a state of chronic dehydration. As a matter of fact, Zach Bush MD said that during surgery, it’s not unusual to have to give a patient 5 liters of fluid because they’re so dehydrated! 

So What Do We Do?

Here are the important steps:

  1. Remember, all liquid counts toward your hydration goals. Sure have your coffee and your tea, but go easy. Too much caffeine is hard on your body. 
  2. Each day, create a Hydration Station in your home–have your mineral water chilling in the fridge, as well as your water bottles filled with the appropriate amount of filtered water and a glass to drink it with. Set your alarms on your phone as reminders to go drink your water. I keep mine downstairs in the kitchen so it means I get in a couple of flights of stairs while I’m at it each time. 
  3. Get your electrolytes in each day, especially important if you’re exercising! Electrolytes help regulate muscle contractions and keep you hydrated. They also help balance your pH levels and control the nervous system function according to Cedars Sinai.  
  4. Speaking of electrolytes, taking an electrolyte replacement such as our Hot Melt Mix along with exogenous ketones will keep you from feeling awful when transitioning from being a sugar burner to being a fat burner. The low-carb/keto flu is nothing to scoff at! 
  5. Jacqueline Wolf, MD of Harvard Medical School suggests lots of water and fiber (a blend of soluble and insoluble fibers) to keep digestion on point as well as hydration. We love our FiberMender for that–10 grams of fiber per serving!

Closing Thoughts

Staying adequately hydrated requires a concerted effort. The ideas and steps provided in this post should help you get what you need. My very strongest suggestion is that you set your phone up to remind yourself so your hydration happens daily. 

Being hydrated is anti-aging, helps to move toxins through your body quicker, keeps your thinking clearer, and will give you lovely skin!

A great way to stay hydrated AND save a little money is to pick up the Hydration Station Kit here!

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