Don’t Be Intimidated!

There is a true intimidation factor in cooking for some people—I get the emails from them so I know this is true. For me, having grown up in a home with parents who cooked, rarely eating out, I learned how to navigate my way in a kitchen early on.

It was (being honest here) a bit of surprise when I first started my website back in 2001 to learn that not everyone knew how to chop an onion. The cooking terms that I learned before I got my first Girl Scout badge (The Cooking badge naturally—I’ve got it taped to my bookcase, LOL!), have fallen by the wayside. Terms like dice, mince and julienne have turned into much simpler terms like chop, chop fine and chop into matchstick-sized pieces. But who cares, right? The deal is to get the cooking DONE, not worry about semantics.

Check out this testimonial we received from Heather:

Dear Leanne,

Okay, I finally decided to try your system.

Well, first I get the menu – looks good, but I’m worried, because spaghetti and sauce is about the most I do. Then I see the grocery list – there are things on there that I’ve never ever bought before!

I go to the grocery store with your list in hand. For a family of 6 my average grocery bill was always over $120/week. With Leanne’s list – I spent $67.52.

Now, I decide to prepare the meal. First thing that I discover, a fancy sounding name doesn’t mean hours of cooking. Second thing, it really only takes about 1/2 hour to cook the whole thing! Finally, I find out that my kids eat things that don’t include mounds of sugar.

Thank you for helping me save money and my family’s health!!


Me again—the trick is, as Heather wrote, was not to be intimidated! She took a tool (the menu) and dove in and did the work. She discovered that doing so saved her a ton of money, her sanity, and made her feel like a hero in her own home! Isn’t that what we all want?

Don’t be intimidated by cooking! I’ve said in a million times, this is not brain surgery and it is something everyone can do, I promise! If you need help, I’ve got it for you in every way imaginable from free daily newsletters, to recipes and tips, grocery lists, freezer cooking, you name it. Don’t lose hope and think you can’t do this thing called cooking. YES, you can!!

Ready to try Dinner Answers like Heather did?  We’ve got it right here for you.

3 Responses

  1. Leann I think you should introduce your peeps to the InstantPot. It is an extraordinary appliace that makes cooking a breeze. I got one for Christmas and WOW.

    1. We certainly have! I’ve used it in a couple of my FB lives and we wrote some Keto recipes for it for the Hot Melt program! Love it!

  2. Oh, Leanne, I grew up like you but with a special twist that my Daddy, full blooded GREEK and living with his parents for just another week, while buying our house just a block away. Learning how to make Greek Spaghetti that there is NO RECIPE for. But fed it to my husband on our second date and now we have been married for 51 years. So you can win a Man through his stomach. I have certainly made every Greek recipe in books but there is nothing printed about a Greek Spaghetti?
    No recipe makes a Lamb Leg, like I do. In fact, having Lamb Chops to night.
    Had to teach my husband what an Avocado was that he had never had. Now we split one every night just with Salt & Lemon squeezed on it.

    I am a retired teacher with MS and not walked for 40 yrs. but still cook, living in a scooter and my husband will hand me what I need. live in Shreveport, LA.

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