Crock Cooker vs Instant Pot

True confession: I’ve been caught cheating on my crockpot and now I have to come clean. Bear with me, will you?

Oh Crockpot–how long have we been together? 30 years? Longer?

Do you remember the early years when your crock stubbornly wouldn’t budge out of your heating element?

Or those colors–avocado green and that strange gold color.

I remember you sitting on my mother’s countertop in the kitchen–and then mine as I left home and became my own cook.

You were given a place of honor in my house–sitting proudly on the countertop unlike any other appliance in my house; except the coffeemaker of course, there’s always the coffeemaker…

At first we created an awful lot of split pea soup, you and me together.

Then I graduated to beef stew and other thick, warming foods. I tried all your recipes in that little booklet you gave me.

There were things that worked and things that didn’t work, but I never once blamed you for any of it. I took full responsibility and promised that I would never leave you.

Until that one day when the Instant Pot people sent me one and it made it’s way to my house.

Oh sure, I thought, I’ve tried pressure cookers before–the Fagor people sent me one back in 2001. I apologized to those nice people and said it was great, but it would NEVER replace my crockpot!

So the Instant Pot didn’t make me want to open it–meh, another pressure cooker.

Till one day, 3 months after receiving it, I opened the box and actually used it.

I sautéed in it at first–then I added meat and vegetables and had stew in mere minutes.

I thought about my 3 day cooking fest to make bone broth–could it be I could do my beneficial bone broth in the Instant Pot in way less time as well?

Oh yes I could!

Not only that, but it came out better than 3 days it takes you to make it, crockpot! TRUE CONFESSION!!


I don’t know what happened next, but my head was spinning…

What was happening?

Where was my loyalty?

How is it that now my crockpot is in the cupboard and I have thoughts of…breaking up and sending my loyal slow cooker to the thrift store?

Well, that’s how it ended my friends.

Not a pretty ending to such a long relationship, but that’s what happens when a young, sexy appliance worms it’s way into your heart with such features as sautéing RIGHT in the insert pan itself, being able to go fast OR slow and never burning or sticking, easy clean up and so much more…

It’s over between me and the old crock.

Done. Finished. Kaput.

My new, highly favored appliance, the Instant Pot?

Well it can only be described as TRUE LOVE.

And that my friends, is my story. The truth is out…finally.

I feel better–thanks for listening. 😉



PS–At Saving Dinner, we love cooking in ALL of our one-pot appliances–have you seen our One Pot Recipe Collection? It’s amazing!

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    1. You just have to get in there and use it! Just be sure to check that it’s sealing about 10 minutes into the cycle and then don’t try to open it without releasing the pressure properly.

    1. We try to keep our Dinner Answers recipes simple for anyone to use without having to buy a new appliance, so we probably won’t be adding IP recipes any time soon. We do put out recipes for them occasionally though, like we did for our Hot Melt people.

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