Eat your way to intimacy

As far as I’m concerned, one of the most important things you must do when embarking on a journey towards better health (which we all should be doing!) is to get into the mindset of eating to live, not living to eat. There’s a big difference.

I believe that food is medicine, and you can live a good healthy life by simply giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform optimally.

For instance, if the embers are slowly burning out between you and your partner, instead of reaching for some little blue pills, why not make some changes in your diet to ensure that one or both of you aren’t lacking in some of the “romantic” nutrients?wine and chocolate, romance, foods to boost intimacy,

There are special blends of vitamins you can get at the health food store that are supposed to ramp up your intimate life, but here’s a short list of nutrients responsible for libido:

• Vitamin A
• B vitamins (especially B1, B3, and B6)
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin D
• Vitamin E
• Magnesium
• Folate
• Selenium
• Zinc
• Fatty Acids
• Fish oil

These minerals and vitamins should be a part of our diet anyway. To get them, you need to eat a wide range of dark leafy greens, lean meats, shellfish (oysters, anyone?), and lots and lots of fish.

In addition to these vitamins and minerals, ginkgo is an herb that may restore lost libido, and saw palmetto is a plant extract that can awaken desire.

There’s a reason why certain foods have a reputation for being sexier than others! In addition to those raw oysters, try adding the following foods into your diet for a better romantic life:

• Figs
• Asparagus
• Garlic (This one takes a month or so of daily doses in order to work so add raw garlic to everything!)
• Chilies
• Avocados
• Chocolate
• Watermelon
• Strawberries
• Red wine

Check out Dinner Answers for delicious recipes for these ingredients!

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