Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Food For Thought
Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart

by Leanne Ely, CNC

Some people may wear their hearts on their sleeve, but I know more than one person that wears their heart in their stomach, including myself from time to time.

A big part of who I am is associated with food, so my heart is into all of it; procuring it, preparing it, cooking it and eating it. That goes for all of our menus, including our Heart Healthy menus so let’s discuss some foods to keep you Heart Healthy.

1) Big on Berries! They’re great raw, and can practically be added to anything! Blueberries, raspberries, and cherries have impressive high antioxidant levels. Blueberries may be the star berry amongst all of them because of the anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are the antioxidants responsible for blueberries famous and intense blue pigment. Their claim to fame is their known immune system boosting and their disease-fighting strength, and it’s all credited to their pretty shade of blue. So start added blueberries to your smoothie or Greek yogurt in the mornings. Start the day off with a good healthy punch!

2) Wild about Salmon. I’m sure most of you know I love this fish. Wild salmon, with its abundant omega-3 fatty acids is a favored food for heart health. But make sure you get the wild variety; farmed isn’t nearly as good and that pink flesh? It’s all because of dyes, not because its brimming with omega 3 fatty acids, folks! Eat your salmon, but make it wild!

3) Start with Spinach. Raw or cooked, this little leaf holds a lot of power in the produce department. So many vitamins and minerals, but especially folate and iron. Spinach will fight the good fight with you against heart disease. You can even add a handful to your smoothie and no one will be the wiser!

So may I suggest dinner tonight with grilled salmon and garlic sauteed spinach on the side and maybe a blueberry parfait (made with Greek yogurt of course) for dessert? Three birds, one stone, and one delicious meal!


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