Eating Seasonal

According to the International Diabetes Federation, the incidence of Type Two Diabetes is on the rise worldwide to epidemic proportions. This type of diabetes used to strike mostly adults over 40 years old, but increasingly it is affecting children. There are a lot of theories about why this is happening but the one that I most agree with is the high consumption of sugars (especially  high fructose corn syrup) prevalent in soda and almost every processed food out there — even those foods claiming to be good for us!

We all know the complications of diabetes; cardiovascular disease, renal failure, blindness and more. It is critical to pay attention to our eating and exercise to avoid this disease! The great news is that it IS avoidable!  Even if you find out you have Type II Diabetes you can reverse it, or at least control it, with proper meal planning, nutrition, and exercise.

To be honest with you, we should all eat as if we had diabetes. This means understanding the power of food to make a difference in your overall health. The seasonal fresh food you enjoy plus the money you can save on your overall health should make everyone stand up and pay attention—not just those afflicted with diabetes.

Eating foods low on the glycemic index will help you get control of your blood sugar and help anyone watch their waistline. Simple, seasonal food, easy to cook, delicious and pretty. How can you not love that?

Just remember; think: Protein, Veggie, Complex Carbs, Healthy Fats and you’ve got a great meal!

Breakfast idea:
Veggie Omelet –  Lightly grease your skillet heat, then pour in two beaten eggs, let cook until set, then flip with a large spatula, top with any type of chopped up veggies, fold over, heat until warm. You can put a little cheese too.

Snack ideas:
An apple with some almond butter, or yogurt sweetened with local honey and topped with berries.

We’ve got that covered! Check out our fabulous low carb menus; they’re the BOMB!

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