FFT – Seven in 2011

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Seven in 2011

by Leanne Ely

Dear Friends,

It’s a brand new year and like most people, I’m going to bet you’ve set some kind of goal to improve your health this year. That’s on the top of my list too!

So to get our new 2011 FlyLady motto going in the right direction (“Let’s go for 7 in 2011!”), here are my top 7 steps in 2011 to tackle the body clutter and improve your health!

1. Portion Distortion – Keep in mind that most dinner plates made today are much bigger than the ones we ate off of 40 years ago, so if you can find smaller plates (like a salad plate) that’s ideal. Now take that plate and divide it in half. One half of the plate is for your veggies. Now divide the other half of the plate in half again (so you have two quarters). One quarter is for starchy carbs with fiber, like sweet potatoes or brown rice. The last quarter is for lean meats like chicken, fish or lean beef.

2. Plan Like You Mean It – When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. By knowing what you’re going to eat and when, you will have the right food on hand and you’ll be prepared. Keeping a few healthy snacks handy for those moments when life throws you a curve ball is a must; I keep almonds and beef jerky in my purse right next to the tampons! True emergencies require preparedness.

3. Pump the Protein – White chicken meat, wild salmon, wild fish, pork and lean beef are your best choices.

4. Skip the Can – When it comes to veggies and fruits, go for seasonal and fresh as much as possible, frozen works too. Avoid the canned stuff though, too much salt and the nutrients are pretty much zapped out.

5. Stop the Soda – Drink water (yep, 8 glasses a day), then throw some green tea into the mix for a different flavor–green tea is great for weight loss and is a superfood. Just remember that tea has caffeine and can dehydrate so make up for it with a little more water.

6. Quality Over Quantity – One thing I hear all of the time is “I can’t afford to eat healthy”. But you know, there are always sales to be had and swaps to be made–change one thing out for another. Buying foods in their rawest state that requires cooking is going to afford you a whole lot more real food–you can buy a whole bag of potatoes for just a few bucks vs. a bag of frozen hash browns for the same price; the bag of potatoes will go a lot further than the already prepared hash browns.

7. 90/10 Rule – Use the 90/10 rule. Be a conscientious healthy eater 90% of the time and eat your favorite treats the other 10% of the time. This helps us keep balance in our diets and fun still in the equation.

These 7 steps will keep healthy eating in perspective and help you put body clutter in its place. By simply following through and doing all these things, you’ll be quietly teaching your family good habits and be helping more than just yourself. 🙂


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