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Starving in America

by Leanne Ely CNC

You don’t have to look far to see the obesity problem in America. But can you believe there is even a higher number of people in America suffering from starvation? We’re not talking about folks that are too poor to buy food; we’re talking about nutritional starvation. Yes, you can be ANY weight and still be starving simply because your diet is filled with high calorie, low nutritional, processed food.

Here’s a few of the top nutritional deficiencies that plague us today:

Vitamin D – We’re afraid of sunshine and skin cancer. Since the advent of sunscreen more and more Americans are suffering vitamin D deficiencies. Some of the symptoms in adults with vitamin D deficiencies include moodiness, depression and back pain. In children they can be more severe with breathing problems, fragile bones and tooth decay.

Vitamin A – Our soils are being depleted of their natural micronutrients from over farming. This is causing a rise in vitamin A deficiencies which can be a major cause of blindness and death during pregnancy and childbirth in women. Breastfeeding is the best way to give infants the vitamin A that they need.

Iron — This is a very common deficiency. Iron carries oxygen through to the tissues from the lungs. If you have too little iron you can die. Some symptoms to watch out for include a pale complexion, losing your hair, brittle grooved nails and being weak and irritable. Although red meat is one of the best ways to get iron because it is the most easily broken down and absorbed, you can get it from other foods such as legumes, dark green leafy veggies and eggs.

Fat – The great low fat sham continues, even into the 21st century. We simply do not eat enough healthy fats. The notion that replacing fat with low fat and fat free sugary products is healthier is making us fat and unhealthy. We need healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and avocado in our diets. Not only do these fats curb your appetite and help you better absorb more nutrients, but they give you healthier skin, hair and hormone function, to name a few benefits.

The solution to this kind of nutritional starvation is simple. Eat fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies when possible. Invest in your health by buying organic. Read labels and educate yourself about the brands you buy. Eat quality protein and healthy fats. With just a few shifts in your eating, you can make a real difference for you and your family.

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  1. Concur with the fats portion – and the rest of course. So many problems are reduced or eliminated with sufficient fat – I like the taste of coconut oil and appreciate how it works when cooking.

  2. You are SO-O-O right!! It is horrifying to see the way that people eat themselves to death, while never satisfying their bodies’ craving for REAL food, real nutrition.

    This is a very good article, very helpful and informative. We need more voices like yours in the world.

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