Healthy Foods: Nothing fishy about the benefits of fish oil

Fish oil comes from the tissues of oily fish (imagine that!). This oil contains omega-3 fatty acids including DHA and EPA, which have both enjoyed lots of attention from the health world over the past few years.

Fish oil has a ton of important health benefits, and we all should be getting in at least three to six grams of fish oil each and every day.

Some of the benefits we gain from fish oil include:

• Healthy blood cholesterol levels. Fish oil helps to improve the ratios of LDL and HDL in your body. When you eat a diet rich in fresh organic produce and fatty fish, you’ll be protecting yourself against developing many different heart problems in the future.
• Bone health. Those fatty acids in fish oil can help your bone density levels. Calcium is important in developing strong bones, but so is fish oil.
• Mood food. Fish oil protects against mood disorders because it increases levels of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) in your body. Cut out the processed foods and increase your consumption of fish oil and produce, and your moods very well may balance out naturally.
• Cancer prevention. Fish oil protects your cells against damage by free radicals and, in turn, protects your body against cancer.

Research shows us that fish oil prevents eye disease, boosts brain health, and even prevents premature aging. These magical oils regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and the immune system.

The catch (haha) is that you can only get these essential fatty acids through diet.

In addition to supplementing with fish oil, you should eat fatty fish (like wild-caught salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines) three times a week.

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  1. Unfortunately the study in question (does fish oil increase incidence of prostate cancer) has turned out to be a very incomplete and questionable study. It’s always good to be cautious…but I would like to see a more controlled and accurate study done.

  2. We love Barlean’s swirl fish oils. They mix in deliciously with smoothies and yogurt. Mango-Peach is my favorite, but Pina Colada is also terrific. These are so much nicer than capsules. They come in black bottles at your health food store in the refrigerated section

  3. my husband was on Warfarin because he almost died from blood clots. The way we got him off was by giving him two fish oil capsules a day and a baby aspirin. He has been off of Warfarin for over 10 years with no problem’s at all.

  4. I love the Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil butter oil blend that Leanne mentions. Don’t love the taste, but love what it does for my skin and my mood. Have tried many other brands of fish oil. This is the only one with noticeable results for me. I buy the cinnamon flavor gel.

  5. Research carefully as the pitfalls of fish oils are very important. Fish oil is fragile and goes rancid very easily. Many fish oil supplements are already rancid before they hit the shelf. Most expect water soluble antioxidants to protect them and as we all know, water and oil don’t mix. OmegaGize3 by Young Living Essential Oils is not only protected by oil soluble antioxidants but also has CoQ10 and Vitamin D. If you want more information on this let me know. [email protected]

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