Get Fit as a Family

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Get Fit as a Family

By: Leanne Ely, CNC

One of the best ways to reinforce a strong sense of community within your family is to encourage and take initiative to keep the family physically fit as a unit. It’s amazing how much you do in the physical realm can be translated into mental and emotional excellence.

If you’re exercising regularly and eating well, you’re going to feel happier and energized, and that will be filtered out through everything you do and everyone you interact with. So just think how powerful of a tool this is for everyone in the family!

What should you do first to start family fitness and nutrition? Naturally the first thing is to be excellent examples. Sitting on the couch eating ice cream and talking about fitness isn’t going to fly.

Whoever is informed and interested in food and nutrition should manage the family’s menu each week, and organize shopping lists, all that jazz. I can help you with that, LOL.

So that takes care of part one, and now for part two: exercise. Whoever is taking on this responsibility has to make it work for everyone. Understanding what sports and exercises will suit each person in the family will be decided by age, current physical status, if anyone is or isn’t on a sports team, etc. Making it fun for everyone is key.

To get it done, make sure you schedule it. If you plan on going for a bike ride after dinner, tell everyone to put their bike helmets by the door and be prepared to go for a ride after dinner. Ask your kids for ideas on games, exercise and what have you–listen even a game of hide and seek can get your family exercise done! Remember–make it fun and it will get done!

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