Great gift ideas for the Paleo eater in your life

If one of the folks on your holiday gift list has gone Paleo, I have some great gift ideas for you!

Now, one of the great things about the Paleo way of life is that it really requires no special equipment. But, there are some tools and gadgets that will make things a little bit easier for the Grok on your list.

Veggie Spiralizer. A veggie spiralizer is a neat little contraption that turns vegetables into beautiful piles of ribbon. When you put a zucchini, apple, or sweet potato through the spiralizer, you end up with a nutritious, gluten-free noodle that will please any Paleoista you serve it to. You can find a veggie spiralizer on Amazon for around $30.

Kombucha Tea Starter Kit. Paleo folk love their kombucha. I’ve written about this fermented drink before, so you can read more about it here. A Kombucha Tea Starter Kit would make an excellent gift.

Nut-Milk/Sprouting Bag. For the Paleoista lucky enough to have a high-speed blender, a nut-milk/sprouting bag makes a wonderful gift. These bags are reusable and allow you to strain green juices and homemade almond milk that you make in a blender or food processor. These bags can also be used to easily sprout seeds and legumes. If you can’t find these bags at your local health food store, simply do a search for nut-milk bags on Amazon. You can get one for under $10.

Bulletproof Executive Upgraded Coffee. My friend David Asprey, a.k.a. The Bulletproof Executive, has scoured the globe for the absolute best coffee beans available. These beans make the best Bulletproof Coffee when you blend it with organic butter. Order it here!

Mortar and Pestle. A beautiful mortar and pestle will allow your Paleo loved one to make all sorts of spice blends in style! I’m partial to the granite variety. You can find these on Amazon for under $40.

Other Paleo stocking stuffer ideas include:
Organic almonds
Organic virgin coconut oil
Silicone baking cups
Garlic press
Bamboo paper towels
A container of our Perfect Paleo Protein
A subscription to Dinner Answers
A counter-top container garden

So many gift ideas for your Paleo loved ones-they would be thrilled to receive any of these items. And, if you’re a good Paleoista, maybe Santa will bring you one of these great kitchen items!

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