Grab Some Beauty In A Bottle

Grab some beauty in a bottle. BeautySupport (if you don’t already know) is one of my favorite, all-time great supplements, and is clinically proven to advance your body’s own ability to create collagen! 

This is crucial–without the collagen you’re toast and you look like it too! Your skin is dry, thin, and definitely not plump and dewy like younger skin. 

These are the amazing benefits this fab supplement offers:

  • Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles*
  • Thickens and Strengthens Hair
  • Strengthens Nails
  • Supports Healthy Bone Mineral Density
  • Supports Bone Flexibility
  • Promotes Connective Tissue Formation for Healthy Joints

Basically, BeautySupport™ is the stuff your dreams are made from.

We’re ALL Collagen Deficient

Using a patented process, BeautySupport helps to naturally nourish the body’s beauty proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin–that’s huge!

Because most of us are collagen deficient–to the tune of 97% of the population!

And collagen is the body’s main structural protein that makes up 70% of skin and gives it strength and elasticity.  It also forms 30% of bone to give it the flexibility needed to withstand impact–there’s more collagen than calcium in your bones.

Collagen fibers in the bone are the binding sites for calcium and other bone materials and are also the major component of fascia, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

As We Get Older…

Collagen production begins decreasing by age 18 and by age 40 the decline equates to women losing 7% of skin thickness every 10 years!  AND it only gets worse after menopause! 

Remember this: adequate collagen correlates with healthy skin, bones, strong hair, and nails, and Beauty Support sustains that collagen.

Bring on the Biotin

One of the most crucial components of Beauty Support is BIOTIN. 

Biotin is a B vitamin (remember, B’s always work best with other B’s so take your B-Complex at the same time!)

Biotin is vitamin B7, also known as vitamin H. It importantly helps the body metabolize proteins and process glucose–helpful for everyone especially diabetics. New clinical research suggests that biotin may help control blood sugar levels and reduce symptoms of diabetic neuropathy as well–very encouraging. 

Many factors can lead to hair loss and for a woman, it is devastating. 

The fact is hair loss is a symptom of biotin deficiency, so Beauty Support may help benefit people with hair loss or thinning hair. 

If you want to see some amazing pictures, google hair loss+biotin+before and after and click on the image link. It’s an incredible nutrient. 

Come On Over To Choline

The Institute of Medicine only discovered choline in 1998. 

(This is WHY I always say look at the latest research–there’s always something new!)

Choline is neither a vitamin nor a mineral, but it works well with biotin and affects cell membranes, liver function, heart health, brain health, and ta-da…your skin, hair, nails, and all your muscles, tendons, and even your bones.

Choline is all about making sure you have firm skin. It maintains the proper level of B vitamins (all of them including the biotin) that help in the production of energy to your cells as well as collagen and elastin to your skin. 

Collagen and elastin are essential for firm and smooth skin. Choline also has an antioxidant that preserves the skin’s elasticity and prevents free radical damage to your skin cells. Free radical damage is like leaving your bike out in the rain all the time. After a while, it will rust up and won’t pedal well. 

Grab Some Beauty In A Bottle

This is why we have Beauty Support. This is why I swear by it and this is why I think you should too! It’s fantastic stuff and it’s waiting for you in the shop!

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