Food For Thought: The many health
benefits of cod Liver oil

Our grandmothers had it right in a lot of ways. For example, while not many moms and dads in this day and age force cod liver oil down the throats of their children, there’s a good chance that your parents or your parents’ parents were given no choice but to take a daily dose of the stuff.
In the late 1800s, cod liver oil was used as a treatment for rickets in undernourished children. Adults suffering from symptoms of arthritis also took a daily dose of cod liver oil in those days because it was believed to lubricate stiff joints.
Cod liver oil is making a comeback now and for good reason.
Take a look at the health benefits one gains by supplementing with cod liver oil:
• soothes bronchial asthma
• reduces heart disease
• fights early-stage kidney disease
• regulates the immune system
• relieves migraines
• inhibits the growth of cancer
• reduces the risk of lupus
• lowers blood pressure
• reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack
• lowers LDL cholesterol
• reduces symptoms of arthritis
• reduces the formation of blood clots
• protects the arteries
• thins the blood
• reduces the incidence of tooth decay
Cod liver oil is one of the highest quality forms of vitamin A available and if you aren’t eating a diet rich in organ meats or butter from grass-fed cows, there’s a good chance you’re deficient in this essential vitamin. Vitamin A is required for good eyesight, healthy skin, production of red blood cells, immune system regulation, and gene regulation. If you’re deficient in vitamin A you become susceptible to many infections and diseases.
In addition to vitamin A, cod liver oil is also a good source of vitamin D and it contains essential fatty omega-3 acids as well.
Worth taking a daily dose of the stuff, wouldn’t you say?
When you’re out shopping for cod liver oil, you will find the actual liquid oil which comes in many different flavors. Heads up! They’re all yucky. You might want to try taking it in capsule form!
Choose cod liver oil that hasn’t been deodorized, distilled, or bleached. It also should have no artificial vitamin D added. I recommend reaching for fermented cod liver oil because the oil hasn’t been distilled or heated and more vitamins are retained. I personally take fermented cod liver oil on a regular basis.
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